Tim Keller

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I’ll start with Tim Keller.  Here are some links:

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More information on Tim Keller:

Of course there is much more information, but that will get you started.  I subscribe to his weekly sermons (available at the church website).  Each week, I download them to my .mp3 player.  Much better brain (and soul) candy than most TV or radio. 

When did you discover Tim Keller?  What makes him unique?  If you could ask him any question, what would it be?


4 responses to “Tim Keller

  1. I was introduced to Tim (not physically, of course) by Josh Bien-Aime. He would get all geeky over his sermons, especially whenever Tim would use references from Lord of the Rings. This was back in ’03 I think, when Return of the King was in theaters. I didn’t really take much interest in Tim at that time.

    I saw Tim preach at the west side service the week I was in NY for my friend’s wedding (March ’07), the week Josh died. I would later learn that almost every illustration Josh had used to explain the gospel, that I would later adopt, he had pretty much lifted from Keller’s lips. As I type this, I’m listening to Keller speak Josh’s words.

    I think what makes Keller unique is his complete lack of pretense. I like the way he kinda stammers and has asides as if he’s talking to only one person who really needs to hear this. Also he’s not very attractive, so you know he’s not popular for his looks.

    I would like to know his favorite curse word.

  2. Yes…his favorite curse word…you’ve made me curious.

  3. Keller’s favorite curse word? I think it would be “heck” as in “what the heck?” He also used “O my Word” from time to time.

    Anyway, I started on Keller since last August and then since tragedy struck our family a month later, I have hung on to his teaching to sustain my soul since then.

    What made him unique is his theology. Before him, I haven’t heard anyone who work out the implications of the Gospel in a Christian life as thoroughly and as comprehensively; for both believers and un-believers in such an articulate manner.

    If I could ask him anything, I would ask more about his gospel-centered approach when it comes to raising kids. Ofcourse, grace is great; but when a child is too small to understand grace, wouldn’t he/she needs the structure of the law first? Shouldn’t Galatians’ concept of the law as “tutor” to grace be used there in that case?

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