N.T. Wright

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Bishop Tom Wright is a controversial figure in my circles to say the least.  His version of the “New Perspective on Paul” makes him an outcast with some people and a good friend with others.  However, Wright has much to teach us about subjects much wider than this one.  I find him to be extremely committed to the Bible’s authority, amazingly knowledgeable about contemporary culture and life, winsomely prophetic, and pastorally sensitive the needs, attitudes and desires of his various audiences.

I’m not too familiar with his writings (yet), except Simply Christian, which I cannot praise highly enough.  It is a modern-day version of Mere Christianity

I’ve listened to many sermons and lectures from this Anglican Bishop, however.  Whatever he says is worth listening to, even I disagree with him (which I do on occassion).

Now for the resources:

What are your thoughts on NT Wright?

What other resources have you found?


One response to “N.T. Wright

  1. I wish I shared your enthusiasm on Simply Christian. I think he beat to death the phrase “put the world to rights.” And he kinda dances around the creation story. I do love what he has to say about sphere’s of existence. Maybe I should get into some of his deeper stuff. Any suggestions?

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