Mark Driscoll

Driscoll is pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. 

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His sermons regularly pass 60 minutes.  However, the core of his church is young, single men, and they keep coming.  His church has many thousands, now, and they love his preaching.  I do, too.

Mark Driscoll Audio

  • His sermons at Mars Hill Church (many years of archives, all downloadable)
  • His lectures from the Resurgence (I recommend the “Preaching and Teaching Jesus” series)
  • Various audio content from Acts 29

Watch this page, more is coming.


One response to “Mark Driscoll

  1. He gave the opening lecture to the Continuous Worship conference this week. I lost track of time after point 7 of 10 (about an hour and change into it), but it was all good, deep stuff. His sermons would be about 40 minutes if he cut out the humor, but then they wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.

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