God Grew Tired of Us

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God Grew Tired of Us (2006) is a great documentary about the Lost Boys of Sudan.  When the Muslims of northern Sudan started killing the Christians, the young boys (ages 5-12) from all different villages and towns joined each other on the road, walking to Ethiopia . . . 27,000 boys.  They were in a refugee camp for a few years before the Ethopian government forced them out, and they walked another 1,000 miles to Kenya, to another refugee camp.  Only about 12,000 survived the journey.  They grew up in this refugee camp.  As adults, the United States government invited several hundred to live in the USA as refugees.  They got apartments, jobs, etc.  This documentary follows three particular men as they use electricity for the first time.  We also see their first experience with a toilet, a refrigerator, an alarm clock, a Christmas tree.  

Mostly I’m writing this to get you to rent/buy/see the movie, the best stuff about it needs to be experienced I think. 

Amazingly powerful.  How is it that I recently heard about this film?  Highly, highly recommended.  Thanks to my friend, Worth, for finding this one for me.


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