Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

I was listening to The Religion Report recently and heard former auxillary bishop Geoffrey Robinson (he retired) of Sydney, Australia.  Robinson’s new book, Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church is making some big waves.

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Robinson is claiming:

  • The Pope has too much power (thanks in large part to the celebrity of John Paul II).  The Papacy needs limited power (perhaps a constitutional papacy) with an annual performance review.
  • The Church needs to rethink its entire stance toward sex and marriage.  The lack of concern during the recent plethora of sex scandals among clergy demonstrate a very serious complex set of real problems in the Church.
  • All priests and bishops need a performance review regularly (as in every other job), and in some cases, the clergy collar should be replaced with a “distinctive tie.” 

Some interesting thoughts.  He sounds a bit like Martin Luther to me.  However, I don’t think he’s going to get the following that Luther did, because those of us who agree with Robinson have already left the church.  Those in the Church who agree with him are not likely to stay and fight.  They’ll just leave quietly to a Protestant church.

You can find this terrific interview with Robinson and more links to articles on the issue, here.


One response to “Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

  1. I am a Catholic and I have just finished Geoffrey Robinson’s book. It is wondeful. I am of the catholic “party” seeking truth,” not the party of certainties. I am also much informed by Gary Willis’s books. There are many thinking Catholics out there.

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