Don Carson

D. A. Carson is research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

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Dr. Carson is perhaps the best New Testament scholar in the world, in my opinion (he has some strong rivals).  Not only that, he has a pastor’s heart, to be sure.  His lectures always have some excellent application (sometimes you can’t see it coming), and his sermons are always very well thought out and educational.

Even when I disagree with him (which is very difficult to do and only happens rarely), he is always worth listening to.

Ok, now for the links to free audio and articles:

  • First set, not sure who put it together, but thanks.
  • PJ Tibayan put together a great list of tons of great resources, thanks, PJ
  • Monergism has a nice little drawing of him, and lots of great resources
  • Christway Media has some free, some require money, some in French, too

Those links should get you going for a few months, anyway.  We’ll look at another good teacher next week. 

By the way, Don Carson takes terrible pictures, except when he’s preaching.


One response to “Don Carson

  1. Thanks for linking the site! May God use these resources for his glory.

    In Christ,

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