Grizzly Man

Grizzly Man (2005) is a documentary about Timothy Treadwell.  Treadwell spent 13 summers living with and “protecting” grizzly bears in Alaska until he was killed and eaten by one of the bears in 2003 (along with his girlfriend).  Most of the footage of this movie was shot by Treadwell himself, and edited by director Werner Herzog

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What was wrong with this guy?  Treadwell was a unique kind of nutjob.  On the one hand, he was able to live for 13 seasons without getting hurt.  On the other hand . . . he was living with grizzlies!  If I remember correctly, the bear pictured above is named, “Mr. Chocolate.”  Really?  Perhaps if he had named this one, “Mr. Big Claw” or “Mr. Hungry Predator” things might have gone better for him.

He made no money (even when he spoke publicly).  He seemed uninterested in his fame (whatever there was).  This guy is a rare bird, to be sure.  He started a not-for-profit group, Grizzly People.

Have you seen this one?  Any thoughts?  What was wrong with Treadwell?  Can you identify with him in any way?


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