I’ve recently revisited these two books:

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Two very helpful critiques of pop culture.  The Image is more significant.  This is the story of how our news organizations moved from reporting the news to inventing it (ch. 1).  We moved from heroes to celebrities (ch. 2).  From being travelers to being tourists (ch. 3). 

From the beginning of chapter 4:

  • FIRST YOUNG LADY: “Have you seen Omnibook?  It takes five or six books and boils them down.  That way you can read them all in one evening.”
  • SECOND YOUNG LADY: “I wouldn’t like it.  Seems to me it would just spoil the movie for you.”

Gabler continues the insightful observations, quoting liberally from Neal Postman.  If you like his work, you’ll enjoy Gabler, too.

Am I the only one who is frustrated with a lack of realism in our culture?  Celebrities need not accomplish anything great to be famous!  When we travel to other countries, we expect the food/accommodations/cleanliness/order/laws to be just like home . . . we can’t adjust!  Most of the news is non-news.  They are psuedo-events created for capturing headlines.  Is nothing real anymore?  Does anyone care?


One response to “Pseudo-Events

  1. I have a complaint. Because of your book recommendations, I am starting once again to spend money I wouldn’t normally have spent!

    Actually, I bought ‘Stories About Jesus’ based on your recommendation. It really is a fantastic book; probably one of the best children’s books I’ve seen. I’m reading it with my daughter, and the writing and imagery are compelling. I’m very please that my daughter is getting something I didn’t get as a child; a REASON behind all of those neat Old Testament Bible stories.

    Well, excuse me while I go to amazon again to buy yet another book (damn you!).

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