Daniel B. Wallace

Dan Wallace was my Greek professor at Dallas Seminary, and he did our pre-marrital counseling.  He was my favorite seminary professor, and I spent many hours at his home in the summers practicing Greek, drinking rediculously strong coffee and watching Monty Python.  I owe a great debt to Dr. Wallace, which I doubt he knows.

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Dan Wallace is the general editor of the NET Bible (my favorite version, by far, though I use many).

This is the main web source for his resources, which are mostly short papers on intereting Biblical topics.

His History of the English Bible articles and audio lectures are simply amazing!

Not everyone likes him, for example, note this webpage devoted to calling him a heretic.


3 responses to “Daniel B. Wallace

  1. Wow, that page devoted to calling Dan Wallace a heretic is pretty incoherent.

    You might want to add a rel=”nofollow” attribute on that link so they don’t get a boost in their Google PageRank from you.

  2. Hey Willy, I bet it was good to hear from your old “friend” Ahmed and I bet you’re flattered by his complement.

    It’s weird that the guy who wrote my Greek Exegesis textbook also did marriage counseling. I don’t know how often those ministries go together.

    Boy–that whole KJV-only world is totally foreign to me. Do you know what those sorts of people would say about non-English Bibles? Are Spanish, French, German, or Arabic speakers allowed to read a Bible in their own language? Does it have to be translated from the KJV? Or is that even something those folks give any thought to?

  3. Steve, nofollow added. Thanks.

    nick, I deleted Ahmed’s comment rather than write something funny here.

    I think that most of the KJV-only people are actually advocating for the Majority Text of the Greek New Testament upon which the KJV is based. The longer ending of Mark, and the story of the woman caught in adultery in John’s gospel, for examples, would be part of the text. There are many single verses that would be added (from my perspective).

    So, the Reina Valera (1960) would be a good Spanish translation, relying on the Majority Text.

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