Frederica Mathewes-Green

Frederica Mathewes-Green is a fascinating person and a great teacher.  Her spiritual journey starts in Eastern mysticism, goes through the Western Episcopal Church and is continuing in the Eastern Christian Orthodox Church. 

She’s most passionate about the preservation of life (after having been a pro-choice activist), cultural commentary, general Christian apologetics and more specifically, the Orthodox Church.  She has a way of explaining things that just makes sense.

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Her website has tons of great articles that can get you acquainted with her work. 

I was introduced to her by .mp3 downloads, but she is amazingly prolific in many media.


She is mostly a writer.  Put her name in a search engine and you’ll turn up too many articles to read in a week!  But really, her website has enough to keep anyone busy for a long time.  She’s a great writer!  Don’t forget about her books, too.


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