I have become a Lost fan, thanks to my friend, Matt, who loaned me the first season.  A few days later, I started on the second season.  I’m almost done. PhotobucketLost is written brilliantly on many levels.  The dialogue is very clever, the story arc throughout the seasons is terrific, too.  The characters are incredibly round (rather than flat).  At different times throughout the show, I have liked and disliked each of the main characters.   I need to finish the rest of the available episodes before the start of season 4 at the end of the month.  More importantly, I want to think and read about some of the themes of the show.  Is it a coincidence that a few of the characters are named John Locke, Rousseau, and Hume?  The clear themes of fate vs. free will . . . head vs. heart . . . being vs. nothingness.  Hmm . . . this deserves further thought.I did not expect to find this along with a really funny, suspenseful,  clever and interesting show.  Good work.  Highly recommended.  


One response to “Lost

  1. Welcome to the obession that is LOST!

    I recently bought season 3 and am watching them now in preparation for 4. You will not (ultimately) be disappointed as questions get answered, opening even bigger questions!

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