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Follow Me, by Jan Hettinga


Christianity essentially includes a sense of God’s divine leadership through Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the King of God’s Kingdom, and all Christians are citizens.  As a King, he is perfect, unlike all other authorities with which we are familiar.  Further, he is humble and generous (without being a doormat), which is also strange to us.  Therefore, we ought to submit to his leadership and obey him.  Without this obedience, we demonstrate that we are not truly Christians, or at least that our Christianity is a different kind than we see in the Bible.  Humanity is fallen, badly, and repentance is the only way to return to the glorious image of God we see in the Garden of Eden.  True repentance is an ongoing process in the life of the Christian.  It requires that we lay our own agenda aside, and give up control to God, allowing his agenda to become dominant.  This process never ends in this life, and we must continue to search for areas (or ‘compartments’) in our lives where we can repent more and more.  Part of learning to let Jesus lead us, is learning to let him lead us together, as a local church community.



Hettinga is a skilled communicator and many years in ministry gives him a wealth of personal examples on which to draw.  These illustrations are terrifically helpful.  He comes from a Baptist background, so I am well aware of the schools of thought against which he is arguing.  This book would be most helpful for those who hold “once saved — alway saved” to be one of the highest doctrines of the Church.  He puts a healthy emphasis on the Kingdom aspects of Christianity.  The discussion questions at the end of each section are helpful, too.



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