Stuck! Navigating the Transitions of Life & Leadership, by Terry Walling.


Christian leaders experience several major and many minor transitions throughout their lives.  Each transition is an opportunity to grow and a potential for stagnation.  Transitions move through four stages, Entry, Evaluation, Alignment and Direction.  In Entry, a person is uncomfortable and restless in his situation, indicating that a change needs to take place.  In Evaluation, a person looks back to see what God has done, what God has said and the re-assesses his own passions, values and experiences.  In Alignment, a person surrenders to God’s will, changing his life to match the results of the Evaluation phase. and in Direction, a person experiences a breakthrough of faith and begins a new phase of their life.  These stages can be easily seen in the three major transitions of life, Awakening in early adulthood,

Deciding in middle age, and Finishing in the later years.  Each of these transitions can be difficult but also provide an opportunity to discover and re-discover God’s purpose and grace in a person’s life.



Walling provides and excellent resource for those who are going through a transition, or for someone who is coaching a friend who is doing so.  The paradigm and accompanying practical and specific advice will serve especially pastors and Christian leaders who encounter such people in counseling settings.  Walling writes in a conversational tone, easy to understand with helpful illustrations and examples throughout the book.  At times, it seems the material is too brief, and one wonders if the book is an expansion of class notes or an extended seminar handout.

“There is a temptation in life to often just let things slide.  Important questions remain important, but hide in the “not urgent” basket.  In a transition God raises the questions, and then allows them to go unanswered to test how much we want to know the answers.”  p. 76



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