TrueFaced: Trust God and Others With Who You Really Are, by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol and John Lynch.


Christians regularly feel the need to wear a mask that hides their true identity.  They think that they must project an image of holiness and perfection in order to be accepted and loved by God and others.  Underneath the mask all people are guilty for sin committed by them and hurt for sin committed against them.  Unless Christians deal with these sins, they cannot mature and achieve the dreams God has for them.  The Room of Good Intentions is the place where people pose with masks for each other and people are trying hard to please God and others, first.  The Room of Grace is opened by the knob of humility.  Here, everyone trusts God before they try to please him.  They are not afraid of their guilt and hurt because they are confident in the grace of God.  This confidence allows them to receive and then give love.  It allows them to repent (not just confess), and to forgive others truly and deeply.


This book was written for church leaders and mature Christians, or, at least, those who have been in church communities for a long time.  A new believer will struggle to understand what the authors are saying.  Nonetheless, this is a fantastic book to help understand what Tim Keller calls, “the sin beneath the sin.”  The summary at the end of each chapter is a helpful way of using the book in a small group discussion.  I must agree with Dallas Willard, it is “one of the best books o practical theology I have seen.”

“Sin will not be managed.  Behavior change and sin management are deceptively tricky boxing opponents.  We win some earl rounds.  This increases our confidence and by the firth or sixth round, we break into a rendition of the Ali Shuffle.  Hey, this isn’t so hard.  Soon, we’re mugging for the cameras . . . and the next thing we know, we’re on teh canvas, knocked into another world by a devastating left hook.”  p. 66.


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