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Include your Kids on God’s Mission


What is a Missional Community?

Starts kinda slow . . . might skip the first minute or two.

Really great video, though.  Very inspiring. What do you think about this?

MacGillivray Freeman’s Dolphins

IMAX film on my little 109″ screen . . . still looked great!  I like documentaries, and this is a good one.

Highlights included great footage and explanation of a group of dolphins which were surrounding a school of anchovies (in 3D space).  It looked like a group of cowboys circling a herd of cattle.  The dolphins took turns swimming into the “bait ball” and eating as much as they could while the other dolphins kept the “anchovy ball” in tact and manageable.

Also, I really enjoyed watching the dolphins look in a mirror.  They would bring things to the mirror to look at the toys and themselves.  I think they really understood that they were looking at their own reflection; they acted so differently there.

Lots of other great scenes, and the “making of” video is absolutely worth the time.  Maybe even better than the actual film (but watch the film first).  Some good information about dolphin and ocean abuse, but not heavy handed or angry.  Very well done.

Worth Watching!

Pink, Dear Mr. President