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Include your Kids on God’s Mission


How People Change

How People Change, Timothy S. Lane and Paul David Tripp, New Growth Press, 2006

What a terrific and challenging book!

The structure was (and still is) hard for me to understand, but this is the best I’ve ever read on the practical working of the gospel to change people’s lives . . . with so many examples of real stories to illustrate the points already well-made, and clearly demonstrated from the Bible.  Great work, brothers.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  It will be the one I talk about for a while, and maybe I’ll make my staff read it.  It will certainly fuel my teaching and preaching for a long time to come.

From page 99,

I had an epiphany one Wednesday evening in the middle of our small group meeting.  People were sharing prayer requests, but it was the same old grocery list of situational, self-protective prayer requests masquerading as openness and self-disclosure.  I found myself thinking, Why did we all feel the need to clean up our prayer requests before giving them?  Why were we all so skilled at editing ourselves out of our prayer requests?  Why were we so good at sharing the difficult circumstances we faced, yet so afraid of talking about our struggles in the middle of them? Did we really care more abou what people thought than we did about getting help?  Did we really think that God would be repulsed by our sins and weakness? I wondered who we thought we were fooling.  It was as if we had all agreed upon an unspoken set of rules, a conspiracy of silence.  I looked around the room.  These were people I thought I knew well.  I did know what many of them were facing, yet I knew little of the wars going on inside them.