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My King

A classic.


Prodigal God

The Prodigal God, Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith, by Timothy Keller.  Dutton, 2008.

imagephpThis book is an expansion of his best and most popular sermon.  It contains more explanation, more illustrations and more applications, but not much new.  It is all his best illustrations, quite valuable for a preacher and learner alike (I am both).  It is 140 small pages with (fairly) large print and lots of white space on each page.  Easy to read, even for non-readers, I would think . . . though Keller’s style will appeal more to people well-read.

What can I say?  I’m a huge fan of Keller, and this is one of the best books available in print right now.  I might buy a pile of them to give away at Christmas.